Oil & Gas Exploration and Production


OceanGate Inc. provides safe, reliable and cost effective manned submersible solutions for the global offshore energy industry. As subsea projects continue to move deeper and further offshore, and grow in size and complexity, OceanGate delivers an array of capabilities to address the challenges associated with operating in harsh and more complex deepwater environments. For every client engagement, our high-quality solutions are built on our core strengths of engineering, safety and business processes.

Our manned submersibles permit real time modifications to test profiles, onsite visual reconnaissance and dynamic multi stakeholder in-situ assessments. In addition, our proprietary, low-cost deployment systems eliminate tether management issues and do not require dynamic positioning capable support vessels.

One of OceanGate’s key differentiators is the ability to develop, adapt and commercialize new technologies from other market sectors and apply them to oceanographic programs. With safe, on schedule, on budget solutions, OceanGate supports our clients’ priorities and enhances productivity.


Surveys and Assessments
  • Inspection, maintenance, monitoring and repair
    • Pipeline survey and monitoring
    • Structure and site surveys
  • Marine archeological and cultural heritage surveys
  • Live (clear) bottom survey
  • Seabed mapping, video/imaging and sampling
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Site survey, selections and feasibility
  • Mammal and biotope
  • Mineral
Pollution control, remediation and restoration
  • Monitoring
  • Data collection and sampling
  • Restoration