OceanGate was founded in 2009 as a privately owned company to open the oceans using advanced manned submersibles. We have established ourselves as an industry leader in the safe operation of manned submersibles for shallow and deep-water applications. OceanGate has invested significant resources in the research, development and manufacturing of the next generation of manned submersibles for commercial, scientific and military projects.

OceanGate Inc. is a privately held company that provides subsea manned submersible solutions for industry, research and exploration. Our solutions deliver an excellent return on investment in both time and capital resources for:

Since 2009, OceanGate has focused on serving the marine subsea market through manned submersible solutions developed from innovations in engineering, material science and technology from other commercial sectors. The company’s fleet of untethered, self-contained manned submersibles enables teams of experts to collaborate while performing a variety of industrial, research and exploration tasks in harsh and challenging subsea environments.

OceanGate’s team of professionals brings extensive training in multiple disciplines from marine engineering to oceanography, along with a track record of safe, successful expeditions and coordination services in locations around the globe.

Technical capabilities include:

  • Marine and mechanical engineering
  • Oceanographic research
  • Environmental assessments
  • Technology and equipment testing
  • Scientific data collection and sampling
  • Safety monitoring
  • Film and photography

The Cyclops Series

OceanGate has made a significant investment in research, development and manufacturing of the “next generation” of submersibles for the evolving military, commercial and scientific markets. In 2016, OceanGate will launch the first of our 4,000-meter capable submersibles to provide access to more than 50 percent of the ocean’s resources.

Titan is being developed for clients with a vested interest in developing subsea technology to address the challenges of deepwater operations along the outer continental shelf region. The actual build and engineering of the Titan is currently underway, and the submersible is scheduled for commercial operations in 2018.