Flower Garden Banks Photo Gallery

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MSLARS and Cyclops under tow.

MSLARS and Cyclops under tow from aboard support ship R/V Pelican.

MSLARS and Cyclops 1 with support ship R/V Pelican at sunset.

Cyclops on submerged MSLARS preparing for lift off.

MSLARS descent controlled remotely from surface support vessel.

Cyclops 1 and support equipment mobilized for shipment to the next expedition.

Cyclops on submerged MSLARS

Cyclops on submerged MSLARS.

A visiting crew member boards Cyclops 1 to begin a dive.

Crew transported from support ship R/V Pelican to MSLARS/Cyclops.

The crew aboard Cyclops 1 approaches MSLARS at the end of the dive.

Cyclops 1 lifts off from MSLARS.

MSLARS is loaded and ready to move to the next expedition.

Support ship R/V Pelican.

Battelle HorizonVue 360 degree camera mounted on Cyclops 1 with oil drilling platform in the distance.