Monterey Bay 2012 Expedition Photo Gallery

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Close up view of the Art Riedel, Sr.

Pilot Erika Bergman gives a tour of Antipodes during the BLUE Ocean Event

The first submarine dive for David de Rothschild.

The OceanGate crew with Antipodes on display at the BLUE Ocean Event

OceanGate co-founders Guillermo Sohnlein and Stockton Rush launch Antipodes.

Guillermo Sohnlein hosts a panel discussion at the BLUE Ocean Event

Guillermo Sohnlein briefs the media about OceanGate activities during the BLUE Ocean Event.

Jackson Browne in Antipodes

OceanGate's Shane Zigler prepare a CSUMB student for a dive in Antipodes.

The OceanGate crew transported the DeepFlight Challenger to the BLUE Ocean Event.