Sixgill Shark Survey: Elliott Bay Photo Gallery

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Antipodes and launch crane at the Bell Harbor Marina.

Discovery Channel's Daily Planet film crew captures Antipodes with a downtown Seattle backdrop.

Antipodes launched by crane prior the sixgill shark expedition dives.

Antipodes enters the water.

Stockton briefs the crew from aboard Antipodes.

The view from Antipodes' conning tower during the tow to the dive site.

Antipodes under tow headed to the dive site.

Antipodes with Seattle's Space Needle in the background.

Antipodes being towed to the dive site near sunset.

Stockton freezes the chumsicle bait ball used to lure sixgill sharks to the dive site.

Kenny splashes the chumsicle at the dive site two days prior to the dive.

The film crew from Discovery Channel's Daily Planet interviews Macklemore with Antipodes as a backdrop.

Macklemore boards Antipodes with pilot Stockton Rush.

Macklemore and Stockton aboard Antipodes.

Sonar view of the sunken railcar barge at the dive site.

Erika and Macklemore view the marine life inhabiting the sunken railcar barge.

Close up view of the railcar barge.

Macklemore snaps a shot of the barge through Antipodes' 58" diameter viewing dome.

Macklemore disembarks after the night dive.