Scott Griffith

Scott Griffith

Director of Logistics and Quality Assurance

As the Director of Logistics and Quality Assurance for OceanGate Inc., Scott is responsible for the coordination and execution of all expeditionary vendor contracts, support ship management, and site reconnaissance. He also leads the configuration review board for all marine assets to ensure that all equipment and submersibles adequately meet the needs of each individual client as OceanGate moves towards its goal of positioning Titan as the world’s premier deep-sea 5-person submersible.

Success in this role requires close collaboration with in-house and strategic partners during the development and execution phase of each expedition. Scott is in constant communication with engineering, operational personnel, research teams, and marketing and is responsible for executing strategies that meet the complex needs of these teams throughout each project.

Prior to his role as the Director of Logistics and Quality Assurance, Scott served as the Director of Operations where he was responsible for the maintenance and mobilization of all subsea, marine, and land-based assets. He has spent the past seven years supervising the maintenance, testing, and operation of Antipodes, Cyclops 1, Titan, and OceanGate’s patented launch and recovery platform, and additionally he has led numerous OceanGate Expeditions across the globe a Mission Director.

Before joining OceanGate in 2013, Scott was a principal of a design consulting firm where he oversaw projects and managed all sectors of the firm: Architects, Engineers, Forensic consultants, Project Managers, and office staff.