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Located in Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, SubC Imaging produces some of the most advanced underwater imaging systems in the world with product lines consisting of specialized underwater cameras, lighting systems, and recording and monitoring software. Since their founding in 2010, SubC has developed an international clientele in the offshore energy, ocean sciences, and aerospace and defense sectors in over 26 countries.

SubC’s target applications include port security, mine countermeasures, ocean research and exploration, underwater asset inspections, environmental monitoring, deep sea mining, underwater archaeology, seabed mapping, and surveys.

Recognized throughout the industries for their pioneering work on the development of:

  • Ultimate performance Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes (FOG)
  • Acoustic and sonar signal processing
  • Inertial and acoustic sensor data fusion

SubC provides the highest quality underwater video and digital stills with the greatest level of detail to those with operations underwater. Their products include features not found in a single competitors’ products and can support fully integrated solutions from video/image capture to media management including HD, 3D and 4K.

Seamless integration of products and services with client operations provide value and unparalleled results. Progressive concepts for future product offerings will allow SubC to maintain a position of technical leadership in the market for years to come. Every underwater project offers its own unique challenges, and as ocean exploration evolves, these challenges only increase. There continues to be a significant need for delving deeper into the ocean floor and, as a result, SubC Imaging is dedicated to developing progressive solutions to accomplish just that.

SubC has had extensive involvement with ocean observatories including Ocean Networks Canada’s Neptune and University of Washington’s Regional Scale Nodes and is proud to be a part of several high-profile international projects such as, the Titanic Survey Expedition, the search for Amelia Earhart’s plane and a survey of Australia’s World War ll light cruiser - the HMAS Sydney.

All SubC’s products are designed for harsh environments and ease of integration on ROVs, AUVs, towed platforms, ocean observatories, and drop-camera systems. Custom developed systems for client-specific applications are also a core part of the business.

SubC Imaging and OceanGate

Titan, the world’s only 5‑person submersible capable of reaching 4,000 meters, is equipped with carry one Sub C Imaging Rayfin 4K camera, MantaRay parallel lasers, and SubC DVRO software for digital video recording and overlay media management. The advanced SubC Imaging camera and laser scaler will be used throughout the Titanic Survey Expedition as the primary equipment used in capturing the first 4K images and video of the iconic wreck. Used in conjunction with laser and sonar scans the images and video will be used to create a virtual 3D model of the wreck serving as an objective baseline to assess the rate of decay of the wreck over time and to digitally document and preserve its submerged history.

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