University of The Bahamas

Photo of UB Blue Day

Chartered on 10th November 2016, the University of The Bahamas (UB) is a beacon for national transformation. Approximately 5,000 students are enrolled in the University of The Bahamas system which includes campuses and centers on New Providence, Grand Bahama, San Salvador and Abaco, as well as UB online education. UB’s diverse academic programs, research engagements, athletics and leadership development experiences equip our students to become global citizens in a dynamic world.

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OceanGate and UB

OceanGate and the University of The Bahamas are collaborating on the development and execution of submersible expeditions and research-based programs. Expeditions and educational opportunities will be made available not only to students and faculty of the University, but also the public audience.

OceanGate mobilized to The Bahamas in April 2017, as part of a long-term testing program for Titan, its newest submersible. Titan is the world’s only five-person submersible capable of reaching 4,000 meters, a depth that opens nearly 50% of the world’s oceans to direct human observation. As testing continues, the partnership with UB is crucial in the establishment of a long-term operations base and facility.

Dr. Carlton Watson the University of The Bahamas Dean, Pure and Applied Sciences, underscored the value of the collaboration with the following statement:

This partnership will further strengthen the University’s drive to develop flagship programs in Small Island Studies by facilitating unique learning opportunities, transdisciplinary research and innovation, as well as the establishment of networks of field stations and centers of excellence across the Bahamian archipelago.