Virtual Wonders

Photo of crew with hololens

Virtual Wonders is a multi-platform 3D media company that creates immersive experiences for every major media platform, including AR, VR, mobile and console Gaming, premium large format screens, video, stills, exhibits, 3D printing, and beyond. Based on real world capture of some of the most special places on the planet, Virtual Wonders immersive media places you at the center of iconic expeditions, and virtual pilgrimages that don’t just recreate the environments in stunning detail they recreate the power of the actual experience, including all the wonder of discovery.

The Virtual Wonders team is scheduled to join the 2019 Titanic Survey Expedition. Throughout the six-week expedition, dive teams will capture laser scan data and the first ever 4K images of the historic site. Using the laser data and high-resolution imagery, the Virtual Wonders team will create the first photorealistic virtual 3-D model of the site. The interactive 3D model will not only be used by researchers to assess the rate of decay over time but also provide scientists, educators, historians, students and aspiring explorers with a truly immersive, experiential educational resource that is sure to inspire next-generation explorers.

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