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Possession Sound Research Dives

To better understand our local waters, OceanGate is inviting citizen scientists known as Mission Specialists to participate in a crewed submersible dive in Possession Sound. The team is conducting weekly dives to explore an area where fresh and saltwater mix near the Snohomish River Estuary, offering the opportunity to observe a wide variety of marine life including endangered species of rockfish, deep-diving shark foraging habitats and alienlike bioluminescent organisms. Join us as we bring together professional marine scientists and citizen scientists to increase awareness and knowledge of Possession Sound. Professional scientists will be visiting from various organizations such as the University of British Columbia, University of Washington, and NOAA.

Mission Objectives:

  • Document biodiversity throughout the water column, noting depth and time
  • Photograph and capture video footage of various species in their native environment to be shared with experts
  • Use Teledyne Blueview sonar to scan the bottom topography for marine life

How to get involved?

Professional marine scientist:
Contact Mikayla Monroe at [email protected] *

Citizen scientist:
Find out how to become a Mission Specialist by calling 425-595-5017 or [email protected] *

To view the flyer in pdf format, click here.