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Possession Sound Shark Research: Dives 1-5 Updates

By: Mikayla Monroe
August 1, 2019

Here we go, the first few dives have begun!

The dive site, South of Hat Island, was recommended to us from the Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA) and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. ORCA picked the spot because of its depth and the WSDFW agreed; a steep wall descends down the water from Hat Island and they’ve caught sixgills while trawling this site in the past.

Our first dives checking out the bait included guest professors and shark experts, Pete and Cam. As we descended down the buoy line, a Lion’s Mane Jelly drifted by and draped its tentacles along the side of the dome—it was wild! A few ratfish crossed our dome throughout the dive.

During the next couple of dives, the silty bottom became easily stirred up and decreased our visibility in the water. It was decided to move the site farther east in hopes of finding a slightly less silty area (Site 2). Although we are aware that most of Puget Sound is muddy or silty…we’ll see how this goes!