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Possession Sound Shark Research: Dive 12 Update

By: Mikayla Monroe
August 27, 2019

Today’s dive featured two guests from GeekWire: Alan Boyle, Aerospace and Science Editor, and Kevin Lisota, a Photojournalist who recently returned from photographing bears in Russia. Tyler Coleman, a local biologist, also joined us to verify species we were seeing. Here’s a link to Alan’s overview of the day.

Similar to previous dives, we motored over to the bait buoy and began our descent down the line. We first discovered a bait bag that was deployed an hour earlier. In that short amount of time, a swarm of crabs and spotted prawns found the bait and already began chowing down. After observing for a about ten minutes, we decided to head over to the bait box.

We utilized the same trick that Sub Pilot Kenny had learned a couple of dives earlier; turn off the external lights and wait for the school of rockfish to swim around to the front of the viewport. It’s funny to see the fish rest themselves on the dome as they get comfortable in the darkness.

We saw more spiny dogfish on this dive, but still no sixgills. We remain hopeful because local divers have seen sixgill sharks at Redonda Beach within the past couple of weeks!

After a period of time, we left the bait box to see what we could find. Alan got to drive Cyclops while the Pilot-in-Training searched for new sites on sonar. As we drove around, we stumbled upon a large pile of logs covered in Plumose Anemones. Rockfish were a nice contrast against the bright white and orange anemones.

Up next, Dive 13!