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Possession Sound Shark Research: What is it like to be a Mission Specialist? “Phenomenal,” says Cathy Lamet

By: Mikayla Monroe
October 11, 2019

If you’ve checked out our new OceanGate Expeditions website, you may have found yourself on the “How to Join” tab. Maybe you’re drawn for the sake of research, site inspection, film, or simply the adventure.

Cathy in Cyclops 1 at a depth of 365 feet.

Regardless of why you want to join us on a dive, each day underwater is truly unique. And right now is a good time to be local to the Salish Sea area because we are inviting citizen explorers to join these shark research dives as a Mission Specialist.

On your dive as a Mission Specialist in Possession Sound, you are a part of the crew. Expect to be active and involved in the entire operation, starting your day by meeting the crew as they prepare gear for the dive, participate in the dive pre-brief led by the Mission Director then transit to the dive site in our high-speed retired coast guard boat. Upon arrival to the dive site you will transfer from the top-side support vessel onto our patented launch and recovery platform to board Cyclops 1. Throughout the dive you will be encouraged to help the pilot and researcher with various tasks such as:

  • Scanning sonar for animals or geologic formations
  • Identifying and recording marine life
  • Responding to communications checks with the topside vessel
  • Taking pictures and videos for media footage
  • Piloting the submersible with our Bluetooth-enabled controller

All while enjoying your adventure to another world.

It’s like going for a plane ride, but with far more leg room, and the pilot lets you fly the plane. How many people can say they’ve flown a plane as a passenger?

How many people can say they’ve driven a submarine? Cathy Lamet can. She joined us for Dive 15 of the Possession Sound Shark Research series and was dubbed “Captain Cathy” for her amazing motor skills. She communicated with the topside crew via the underwater telephone, drove Cyclops 1, and captured beautiful footage of a Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.

But who better to tell you about her experience than Cathy herself? Watch Cathy's dive video below.

Interested in becoming a Mission Specialist for a Possession Sound Shark Research Dive? Apply soon! We’ll be diving in Possession Sound until 2020.

For diving other locations at a later date, check out our Expeditions website.