January 2020 Newsletter

Immerse yourself in Citizen Science

OceanGate is fortunate to be headquartered in the Puget Sound Region where there is such a unique and complex underwater environment. To help better understand our local waters, we are inviting citizen scientists to become Mission Specialists and join a manned submersible dive in Possession Sound. Exploring an area where fresh and saltwater mix near the Snohomish River Estuary offers the opportunity to observe a wide variety of marine life, including endangered species of rockfish, deep-diving shark foraging habitats and alien-like bioluminescent organisms. Join us as we bring together professional marine scientists and citizen scientists to increase awareness and knowledge of Possession Sound.

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Explore the Grand Canyon of the Ocean

Hudson Canyon Expedition
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Deep ocean exploration is no longer limited to the select few. Join the Hudson Canyon Deep-Sea Discovery Expedition and plunge into the largest subsea canyon in North America. As a Mission Specialist, you will play an active role in assisting a renowned research team with discovery and documentation as you seek out new species, long-lost shipwrecks and work to gain a better understanding of the behavior of deep-diving whales and sharks.

This thrilling experience departs from Manhattan on a luxury yacht and heads 100 miles east of the Hudson River. On the first evening, Mission Specialists will learn from oceanographic experts about the canyon and its creatures while also receiving training and safety briefing from the submersible operations crew. Upon arrival at the dive site the next morning, Mission Specialists will climb into the submersible to embark on their adventure into the Hudson Canyon.

This all-inclusive expedition provides transportation to and from the dive site support vessel, food and accommodations throughout the mission and a submersible dive into Hudson Canyon.

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Explore the Possibilities

OceanGate Expeditions can help you design your own customized once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We provide everything you need for your mission. Simply let us know when and where  you would like to explore. We will work with you or your representative to plan an expedition to remember. We are happy to coordinate everything;  all you need to do is come prepared for adventure.

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