March 2020 Newsletter

On the Design, Testing, and Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber Pressure Vessels

OceanGate is proud to announce that on February 22, 2020, we signed an agreement with NASA to develop a new generation of carbon fiber pressure vessels. NASA’s advanced composite manufacturing capability is ideally suited to meet the high precision and high-quality requirements of our latest hull design and this project will be carried out at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

We are equally excited to see an increase in demand for exploratory expeditions such as the Titanic Survey Expedition, deep-sea research, and environmental supervision of deep-sea mining missions that very few submersibles in the world are capable of supporting. Our new vessels will be ideal platforms to carry out these missions.

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Explore the Grand Canyon of the Ocean

Hudson Canyon Expedition
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Everyone is familiar with the Grand Canyon, yet one of the largest subsea canyons in the world located just 100-miles offshore from New York City remains largely unexplored. The Hudson Canyon Deep-Sea Discovery Expedition will take a handful of adventurous citizen explorers deep below the surface to the foreign world of the Hudson Canyon. Noted as a biodiversity hotspot, this rare dive opportunity will have you on the edge of your seat as you assist a renowned research team in a search for long-lost shipwrecks, new life forms, and a better understanding of the behavior of the many deep-diving whale and shark species that call the canyon home.

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Limited Space on Missions Beginning in 2021

OceanGate Expeditions continues to accept applications for the 2021 Titanic Survey Expedition, and we encourage you to apply to join our crew. This expedition will be a rare, exclusive opportunity unlike any other. You will actively assist a team of experts to digitally document and preserve the historic wreck site and debris field for future generations. To learn more about how you could be among the select few to witness this revered maritime heritage site visit

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A Deep-Dive into our Local Waters

OceanGate is fortunate to be headquartered in Everett, WA on the coast of the Salish Sea. The Salish Sea is home to a unique and complex underwater ecosystem. To help better understand our local waters, we are inviting citizen scientists to become Mission Specialists and join a manned submersible dive in Possession Sound. Exploring an area where fresh and saltwater mix near the Snohomish River Estuary offers the opportunity to observe a wide variety of marine life, including endangered species of rockfish, deep-diving shark foraging habitats, and alien-looking bioluminescent organisms. We invite you to join us as we bring together professional marine scientists and citizen scientists to increase awareness and knowledge of Possession Sound.

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