OceanGate Press Release

OceanGate, Inc.'s Carbon Fiber and Titanium, 5-Crewmember Submersible Dives 3800 Meters to the Titanic Wreck Site

State-of-the-art crewed submersible demonstrates transformative technology in historic dive as part of the Titanic Survey Expedition.
December 8, 2021

OceanGate, Inc.'s Carbon Fiber and Titanium, 5-Crewmember Submersible Dives 3800 Meters to the Titanic Wreck Sites

OCEANGATE, INC. (OceanGate), announced that its carbon fiber and titanium submersible, Titan, completed its first 3800-meter dive to the wreck site of the Titanic.

OceanGate’s unique carbon fiber and titanium submersible is the world's only privately owned submersible capable of taking five crewmembers into the deep ocean, and is the result of a decade of development. Aerospace quality materials and manufacturing and OceanGate’s patented, real time, Acoustic Hull Health Monitoring System provide a robust safety factor.

“We had to overcome tremendous engineering, operational, business, and finally COVID-19 challenges to get here, and I am so proud of this team and grateful for the support of our many partners,” says Stockton Rush, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, OceanGate, Inc.

On the recent dive OceanGate CEO and Founder, Stockton Rush, was pilot, Scott Griffith served as co-pilot, and legendary former Nautile pilot PH Nargeolet served as a Mission Specialist. A Former French Naval Commander, PH Nargeolet has led five prior Titanic expeditions and has visited the Titanic over 30 times.

“This recent dive in Titan to the Titanic wreck site is one of the most memorable dives I have ever done. Being able to participate in the deployment and operation of such a groundbreaking sub and launch system reminded me of the challenges that my team overcame and the determination that they exhibited in the development of the Nautile over 35 years ago,” said Nargeolet.

Titan was built and designed in consultation with expert engineers and manufacturers, and includes multiple, redundant safety systems. Innovations incorporated in the engineering of the Titan submersible and its Launch and Recovery System (LARS) include: Aerospace-grade carbon fiber hull mated with titanium endcaps and dome, real-time acoustic monitoring of the hull, and a submerging LARS that can be towed and does not require a crane, allowing the operator the flexibility to charter a range of support vessels aligned to their mission objectives.

We thank our industry partners for their support in technology, engineering, and manufacturing of the OceanGate, Inc. Titan submersible:

  • 2G Robotics – Underwater laser scanning
  • Boeing – Design and engineering support
  • ElectroImpact – Aerospace-grade manufacturing
  • Horizon Maritime and the crew of the Horizon Arctic
  • Inmarsat – Satellite communications
  • Janicki Industries – Aerospace-grade manufacturing
  • NASA – Design and engineering support
  • Northrop Grumman – Deep Ocean Test Facility
  • Sonardyne – Submersible tracking and communications
  • SubC – Undersea cameras
  • Toray – Aerospace-grade carbon fiber material
  • Teledyne – Subsea lighting

Maritime and subsea industry professionals interested in learning more about OceanGate’s 5-crewmember submersible advancements can learn more at http://www.oceangate.com.

Aspiring Mission Specialists interested in supporting the 2021 Titanic Survey Expedition should contact OceanGate Expeditions regarding availability, requirements, and qualifications. Additional details are available at http://www.oceangateexpeditions.com.