OceanGate Press Release

NASA Space Shuttle Astronaut, Dr. Scott Parazynski, Joins OceanGate, Inc. Board of Directors

May 16, 2022

After spending over eight weeks in space, completing 47 hours of spacewalks, and diving to the Titanic in 2021, U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame inductee lends deep space and medical expertise to advance deep ocean exploration and science.

Scott Parazynski OceanGate Expeditions

On the anniversary of Dr. Scott Parazynski’s induction into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, OCEANGATE, INC. (OceanGate) announces that the veteran NASA Space Shuttle Astronaut and submersible pilot, has joined the company’s Board of Directors. As OceanGate prepares its one-of-a-kind carbon fiber and titanium submersible, Titan, for OceanGate Expeditions’ 2022 Titanic Expedition, Dr. Parazynski, a longtime OceanGate advocate and submersible pilot, seeks to expand opportunities for deep ocean research, exploration, and discovery.

Viewing earth from the vantage point of space makes it crystal clear that earth is an ocean planet. I've been lucky enough to have that view several times, and it inspired my interest in becoming a submersible pilot. I look forward to working with OceanGate to make the deep ocean more accessible to people around the globe. Working as an OceanGate board member, I will have the opportunity to advance awareness of our oceans and and help drive further marine innovations for people and enterprises around the globe, says Dr. Scott Parazynski.
OceanGate’s Titan submersible is expanding opportunities for direct exploration and research in the deep ocean, Earth’s most extreme environment. To study and gain a better understanding of this critical aspect of our global ecosystem, transformational technologies are required. OceanGate is playing a leading role in developing and deploying these technologies, explains Dr. Parazynski
Space agencies often use subsea habitats and operations as training analogs for working and living in space, so Dr. Parazynski’s NASA training gives him a deep understanding of our operations. His many areas of expertise, mission experience, and understanding of teamwork will make him an invaluable addition to our board of directors. Dr. Parazynski has been diving with OceanGate for a number of years and has shared important guidance to help us reinforce our safety-first culture. I look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to explore the deep ocean and inspire greater public interest in the ocean, says Stockton Rush, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, OceanGate, Inc.
Dive Team 1
OceanGate, Inc. Board of Directors
  • Dr. Scott Parazynski, OceanGate Board Member and Founder and CEO, Fluidity Technologies
  • Rear Admiral (retired) John Weldon Lockwood, OceanGate Board Member and President of Lockwood Associates
  • Jim C. Snyder, OceanGate Board Member and Founding Principal of Kennedy Associates Real Estate Counsel
  • Mike Furlotti, OceanGate Board Member and software consultant
  • Dianna Raedle, OceanGate Board Member and CEO and Founder, Deer Isle Group

OceanGate Expeditions will use the OceanGate, Inc. engineered 5-crewmember submersible during the upcoming 2022 Titanic Expedition which will embark from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Aspiring Mission Specialists interested in supporting the Titanic Expedition should contact OceanGate Expeditions for qualifications, availability, and additional details.