Sea wreck exploration

What We Do

Crewed subs for charter and scientific exploration

OceanGate owns and operates three 5‑person submersibles for site survey, scientific research, film production, and exploration travel to depths as great as 4000 meters (2.5 miles).

Research and Commercial Projects

Site Survey and Inspection


Conduct continuous and extensive site surveys to inspect underwater infrastructure, wrecks or sensitive environmental habitats without resurfacing -- from the comfort and safety of a 5‑person submersible.

Research and Data Collection

aerial cyclops begins to submerge

Observation, data collection and In-situ collaboration for a variety of research projects. The modular design of our subs allow scientists to configure or attach data collection devices needed for each project.

Film and Media Production

Our crewed subs are stable submersible platforms for underwater filming and collaboration by directors, hosts and camera crew.

Deep Sea Testing Platform

titan underwater

Crewed submersibles provide a unique underwater platform to conduct a wide array of experiments to test equipment or expedite sensitive research in deep ocean environments.

Scientific Exploration and Adventure

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