Photo of a lionfish during the lionfish expedition

Photo of a lionfish taken during the Lionfish Expedition.

Film and Media Production

OceanGate provides stable, crewed submersible platforms for underwater media production. From film and photography footage to sonar digital imagery, OceanGate submersibles offer a diversified set of capabilities for visual production whether the subject matter is for documentary, entertainment, feature, news or other creative content needs. Our extensive experience enables us to coordinate expeditions that allow media and content producers to reach targets well beyond scuba depth.

More than just a filming platform and content provider, OceanGate is also an engineering and production partner. Our team of engineers specializes in designing solutions to help producers, photographers, and videographers get the exact shot or sequence necessary to complete a project. OceanGate has routinely designed customized camera mountings to get specific footage, has programmed our 3D sonar in innovative ways for specific results, and has taken clients to exotic, ecologically significant destinations without the complications associated with mission-limiting surface support vessels or large expensive tethers.