Aerial photo of Cyclops 1 beginning to submerge

Aerial view of Cyclops 1 on launch and recovery platform beginning to descend at the start of a dive.

Research and Data Collection

OceanGate’S fleet of 5‑person submersibles allow marine scientists to conduct biological, chemical, geochemical, geological and geophysical studies, viewing and sampling organisms in their natural settings.

Many of today’s research submarines and submersibles were designed by organizations with government funding to be “go anywhere, do anything” machines. The result is a very small number of high-cost submersibles and significant unmet research needs. OceanGate provides expedition alternatives that accommodate a diverse range of exploration requirements, which include real-time sampling, collecting and experimentation. Crewed submersibles have the advantage of creating real-time interaction between individuals in a collaborative underwater environment. In addition to an array of externally housed oceanographic sensors, the clear acrylic hemispherical domes on our submersibles allow for the mounting of internal optical systems and data collection in a 1-atmosphere environment.

Potential applications for Research and Data Collection:

  • In-situ sampling
  • Instrument deployment, manipulation and recovery
  • On-site direct observation of natural systems
  • Selective collection at sensitive sites