Photo of the F6F Hellcat on the sea floor

Grumman F6F Hellcat near Miami, Florida.

Site Survey and Inspection

From the comfort and safety of our multi-person subs cross-functional survey and inspection teams can collaborate in real time as they directly observe and verify site-specific issues.

Conduct continuous and extensive site surveys to inspect underwater infrastructure, wrecks or sensitive environmental habitats without resurfacing -- from the comfort and safety of a 5‑person submersible. The ability to have direct “eyes on site” ensures immediate verification and confirmation of site-specific issues or problems.

Crewed submersibles provide an excellent vehicle to conduct multiple surveys and analysis of critical infrastructure, perform multi-directional site surveys, map local area geography, or carry-out sensitive reconnaissance work.

Potential applications for submersible inspection:

  • Hydrographic survey, sea floor area mapping and data collection
  • Site surveys and inspection of oil and gas fields
  • Pipeline and underwater cable surveying
  • Bridge and pontoon inspection
  • Hull and ship inspection, including hull-side survey and propulsion systems
  • Water, sewer, and drainage outfall inspection
  • Aquatic sea life monitoring, documentation and assessment
  • Potential polluting wreck inspection
  • Search and confirmation of lost or missing aircraft, ships, and high-value assets